Surprising things to know about birthday cakes

Surprising things to know about birthday cakes

Nothing can make a day feel special like relishing the succulent, freshly baked cake at a birthday party. Cakes allow us to express our good wishes and regards to our loved ones while also pampering their taste buds.

The best birthday cakes in Chennai are one reason why parties feel so amazing and memorable. Some may bake their own cakes, while others prefer to order from local bakers. 

Either way, there are some things to keep in mind. 

The origin of birthday cakes

There is no exact account of why or how birthday cakes came into existence. But, there is no doubt that everyone absolutely enjoys the delicacy. Some say that it was ancient Greek who invented having cakes for birthdays, and some argue that it is was middle-aged Germany.

The only accepted fact is that birthday cakes have become a standard in every party celebration. These days, there are endless varieties of birthday cakes. From the ever-popular red velvet to the eccentric vanilla bean buttercream, people are overwhelmed by the number of choices. 

The options to buy birthday cakes in Chennai are also numerous. There are established as well as upcoming bakers revolutionizing the craft of baking. 

Birthday cake tips 

A celebration should be delightful and heart-winning – there is no alternative. Going out of the way to buy the perfect birthday cake can make the event even more special. Here are some tips to make an excellent introduction for any celebration. 

    • Plan in advance: Planning parties is time-consuming, but it can become even more hectic when the task of getting birthday cake is added. Most individuals like to prepare everything in advance, including the cake. If they are going to buy birthday cakes from a local bakery, they should decide on a place ahead of time and avoid the hassle later.
    • Varieties: The image that pops in everyone’s mind when they think of birthday cakes is a towering, multi-layer pastry with candles and frosting. But, this is not always the case. The best places to buy birthday cakes in Chennai have many varieties. There is the pound cake, sponge cake, and the ever-gorgeous confetti cake. It will be good to deviate from the traditional norm once in a while and try out a new variety of cakes. This could enliven the birthday celebration.
    • The drip effect: Another recent trend in pastries is the fun drip effect. The chocolate ganache dripping elegantly from the sides of the cake makes for a mouth-watering sight. People can also get this drip effect in their homes. Start by melting chocolate chips and cream mixture before spreading the ganache over the cake.
    • Festive border: This is another trend that pleases both the eyes and tummy. Bakers create a festive border by placing strips of parchment paper around the cake’s edge. Then, they add sprinkles, crushed candies, and chopped nuts before removing the wax paper. This makes for a fresh and toothsome look.  

Where to buy birthday cakes in Chennai?

Moving on to the most important phase in the celebration planning – buying birthday cakes in Chennai. It is quite difficult to choose a baking place considering the sheer number of available options. Here’s what one should do to make an informed decision. 

  • Study the history: Before buying a birthday cake from a bakery, make sure to study their background. People should always consider a reputed baker with a long history who doesn’t compromise on quality or flavor. They should also use quality ingredients for the pastry to ensure the best value for money.  
  • Read reviews: It is essential to look at what others have to say about a bakery. Customer reviews are quite eye-opening because they can reveal crucial details about the place. People can read reviews and testimonials from online forums or social media pages. They provide a vivid idea to decide whether or not to buy from a baker. 
  • Cake type: Birthday cakes in Chennai help to pamper loved ones. Therefore, loved ones should be allowed to relish the cakes of their choice. Any good bakery will have lots of varieties of birthday cakes that buyers can consider and compare. They even have their signature cake variety popular among the customers. 
  • Don’t comprise: Whether it is the price or quality, individuals should never compromise when it comes to birthday cakes. Take time to compare each baking place and list out the special things about them. The bakery shouldn’t also force its customers into making compromises.  
  • Home delivery: Obviously, the most crucial factor to consider when buying birthday cakes is the availability of home delivery. The best bakeries in Chennai offer complimentary home delivery to their customers. Some may even charge a little amount as compensation. Either way, check whether they can deliver the birthday cakes to the right place at the right time.  

Time to Celebrate! 

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